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About Good Bad Golf 

Conceived in Como, WA by father and son team Keith and Finn. Both avid golfers of varying degrees
of ability depending mostly on which day of the week it is and pot luck. Good Bad Golf embodies the randomness of golf at all levels of play. Some days it’s good, somedays it’s bad, but it’s always golf and nine times out of ten there is something memorable in a round that keeps you coming back for more next week.

Good Bad Golf apparel and accessories are designed to be fun, because some days you need
something to lighten the mood and get you through. Wear it on or off the course, all year round, we
can’t guarantee you’ll play good, but you will look good doing it.

Premium quality at an affordable price point will always be our goal. We want to make things that we enjoy wearing and using and hope you will too. Your feedback is always welcome, good or bad. Just like our golf, we’re not perfect, but we aim to improve every day.

We are making every attempt to be sustainable where we can. Domestic shipping is provided with biodegradable satchels, even the labels are biodegradable. Our tees are bamboo and will break down over time. Our clothing is next on the list, we are investing time in sourcing recycled and natural materials.  We're not there yet, but we will be. Everything else is built to last, not to be thrown away. For now we are using print on demand services which means there is zero wastage.

Good luck out there, enjoy the walk and don’t forget to roost it!

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